Board of Directors

Mr. H. Wayne Hambly, PE - Chair
Mr. Robert Sear, PE - Vice-Chair
Mr. James Travers, PE - Secretary/Treasurer
Chief Brian Francis, PE
Dr. Colin J. McMillan, PE
Dr. Greg Mitton, PE
Ms. Barbara Stevenson, PE

National Directors

Ms. Arlene Perly Rae, ON
Ms. Aldéa Landry, NB
Ms. Naomi Levine, MB
Mr. Dan Mathieson, ON
Ms. Janis Sobey-Hames, NS
Mr. Claude Métras, QC
Mr. Bill Andrew, AB
Mr. Charles Scott, ON
Dr. Frederic L.R. Jackman, ON
Mr. Lou MacEachern, AB
Mr. Richard Homburg, NS
Mr. Taleeb Noormohamed, BC 


Mr. William R. Ferguson, QC
Mr. Frederic S. Martin, ON
Hon. Frank Lewis, PE
Mr. Jeffrey Symons, ON
Prof. Thomas H.B. Symons, ON
Hon. David H.Jenkins, PE
Ms. Susan Fitzpatrick, QC

The Hon. Wade MacLauchlan, PE - Premier
The Hon. Doug Currie, PE - Minister of Education, Early Learning & Culture
Ms. Susan Willis, PE - Deputy Minister of Education, Early Learning & Culture
Mr. Mike Duffy, PE - Councillor, City of Charlottetown
Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, PE - University of Prince Edward Island
Mr. Marc Lemay, QC - Director General, Arts Policy Branch, Dept. of Canadian Heritage 
Mr. Micheal O'Grady, PE - VP Innovation, Enterprise & Strategic Development, Holland College
Ms. Darlene Compton, PE - Representing the Official Opposition
Mr. Chris DesRoche, Provincial Government, PE
Ms. Lizanne Thorne, Canadian Heritage