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Clippings: L'Évangéline in Images

Forgotten boxes of old printing plates from the Acadian newspaper L'Évangéline (1887-1982) found their way to the Musée acadien de l'Université de Moncton. Through six artist's perspectives, a research project was put forth to the artist-run print studio, Imago, where artists re-appropriated the photographic plates.

The work in this exhibition stems from a reappropriation of photographic plates spanning the 1950s to the late 1970s from the archives of the Acadian newspaper L'Évangéline. The plates, on loan to Imago from the Musée Acadien, were turned over to six print media artists with carte blanche.

Each of the artists inspected the six boxes of numbered envelopes containing plates in search of their projects. Some printed the plates, others used negatives, clippings or scans as a springboard to other ideas. The images, now out of their original context, are reinterpreted and given new meaning.

Video : The artists featured in Clippings: L’Évangéline in Images recount their thought process behind their pieces.

L'Évangéline closed its doors in 1982, and the majority of the participating artists never knew the paper. L'Évangeline in Images is a synthesis in which the artists negotiated personal meanings through stories built on images stripped of their original text, time and place. The paper's impact through the years is undeniable as it provided the Acadian society information in their language and a connection to the outside world all the while pulling their dispersed population together: Unir et instruire pour agir (Unite and educate for agency).

Jennifer Bélanger

Alisa Arsenault
Rémi Belliveau
Marjolaine Bourgeois
Angèle Cormier
Carole Deveau
Mathieu Léger
September 12, 2015 - December 20, 2015