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Crossing the Great Waters: Dominique Cruchet and Joan Cullen

Two practices are paired—Dominique Cruchet's documentary photography, and Joan Cullen's painting—in an exploration of shared multinational experience. Curated by Herménégilde Chiasson.

This exhibition is about painting and photography, two mediums that have had a
problematic coexistence. Painting has always had a fascination with photography, even when it denied its artistic ambitions. Oscar Wilde said that photography could not be art because it couldn't lie. This dialogue between painting and photography might be some kind of reconciliation for all of those years of tension. The honesty of Cruchet's photographs and the exuberance of Cullen's colours might be the core essence of these two forms of art that are now living in peace, face to face as it is here, taking the world for what it might be, for what it might bring them, and for what we, as viewers, may draw from such an adventure.

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June 9, 2012 - September 10, 2012
Dominique Cruchet, Wharf on Erhai Lake in Xizhou, China, (detail), 1999, silverprint, 30 x 40 cm