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Tonight's the Night: Rock and Roll Posters from P.E.I.

An exhibition of posters and flyers that documents the history of popular music publicity in P.E.I.

Until roughly a decade ago, the costs of design and offset printing made the production of music posters an ad-hoc, low-tech activity. Bands would often produce only a few simple posters over the course of years. With the advent of desktop publishing, and especially, cheap colour printing processes, designers of music publicity began capitalizing on the new possibilities. This exhibition showcases the work of a group of young P.E.I. poster designers, many of them musicians themselves who started out doing promotional visuals for their own bands. From the outset, they were inspired by classic 1960s graphic design, but have since struck out in new directions, collaborating, comparing, and competing with one another to produce an eye-catching and sophisticated form that adds colour and dynamism to a growing independent music scene.

This exhibition focuses on the recent work of Kirk Avery, Michael Carver, and Mike MacDougall, and also features posters by Roger Carter, Ryan Crane, and Craig MacPherson. A display of P.E.I. music posters from the 1970s to the present, lent by members of the public, relates the new designs to a larger historical context.

-Pan Wendt, curator

February 12, 2011 - April 20, 2011
Detail of an album cover by Kirk Avery.
Courtesy of the artist.