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Confederation Centre Art Gallery presents Depiction

May 25, 2011

One of the major exhibitions at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery this summer tackles the questions artists themselves must answer as they create their work: How is it that paintings convey meaning? How do artists represent themselves and their ideas through a creative visual process?

Depiction, curated by the Gallery's director, Kevin Rice, brings together several thematically linked arrangements of pictures to consider issues of identity and representation within historical, modern and contemporary Canadian art practices.

Selected from the Gallery's collection for installation between late May and late June in The Sobey Gallery, the Entrance Gallery and the Young People's Gallery, these 60 plus paintings, drawings, prints and photographs are mostly realistic in style.

Included are self-portraits by Robert Harris, Bobs Cogill Haworth, Erica Rutherford, Gerald Trottier, Leslie Poole, Alan MacKay, Stephen May, Brenda Whiteway, and others, often showing the artist in his or her studio environment.

Works of contemporary First Nations artists Carl Beam, Jane Ash Poitras, and KC Adams are shown in proximity to 19th centurey views of native encampments painted by Cornelius Krieghoff and George Thresher.

Portraits and views of Inuit communities painted by George Pepper and Kathleen Daly during their 1950s expedition to the Canadian North are shown in relation to photographs taken by George Hunter on his 1946 trip to Baker Lake and Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut. Drawings of contemporary life in the north by Inuit Annie Pootoogook are also included.

"Fundamental to our role is making original works of art accessible," Rice says. "The goal of Depiction is to open a conversation about artistic intentions, perceived meaning, and cultural contexts while examining how artists have made their works and how their images and practices have contributed to our cultural legacy."

Depiction will be exhibited from May 28 to October 2. Hyndman and Company Limited is the sponsor of the exhibition.

Cutline: Robert Harris (1849-1919) The Studio Boy's Private View, 1886, oil on canvas, 89.5 x 74.4 cm, Gift of an anonymous donor, 1978.


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