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Summer ArtTalk series returns to Confederation Centre Art Gallery

July 2, 2013

Lecturers include Robyn Moody, Pan Wendt, and a panel devoted to Hilda Woolnough's work (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) - The Confederation Centre Art Gallery's summer ArtTalks series is kicking off Thursday, July 4 at 7 p.m. and continues weekly until August 24. Talks are free of charge and all are welcome for an engaging, intimate evening of dialogue and interpretation that focuses on themes in current gallery exhibitions.

This Thursday's lecture presents sculptor and installation artist, Robyn Moody. The Alberta-based artist will focus on his recent work, Power 2: Heart Lake as seen through the eyes of Manley Natland. The unusual piece is a roughly 17-foot scale model of an Alberta lake, made up of hundreds of spinning black gears arranged across the gallery floor. Affixed to each gear is a tilted mirror, which occasionally flashes light from overhead, suggesting the continuously changing reflection of sunlight glistening off a body of water. The title of the work reflects a less romantic vision of the landscape, as Manley Natland was the American geologist who first conceived of the possibility, and the means of extraction, of oil from the sands of Alberta in the 1950s.

On July 11, Pan Wendt, gallery curator, will give a presentation on Spanish painter Diego Velazquez, who is referenced in the exhibition Quotation, which concentrates on Canadian art works which quote masterpieces from art history. Illustrations of this theme range from direct copies after the originals, such as Robert Harris's versions of the two major Velazquez pieces from the Prado -- Las Meninas and Las Hilanderas. In these examples, Harris crops the original image in his own particular way, which results in an altered and reimagined work. Leslie Poole's quotation of Las Meninas (pictured) is different because it is filtered through a number of lenses at once - Pablo Picasso's quotation of the work, Poole's own image, and the context of his engagement with the original.

On July 18, Gallery director Kevin Rice will give a free public walking tour of the summer exhibitions: Philip Delisle: Fragmentum Opus -- the latest series from the Ontario painter, which focuses on the museum settings that house the masterpieces of Europe; Patrick Lundeen: Tragicomic -- a selection of striking, large-scale mask paintings by the Alberta-born artist; and Hilda Woolnough: A Retrospective - an exhibition covering the career of one of P.E.I.'s most influential artists of the past 50 years, which includes drawings, prints, paintings, and quilts. The tour will conclude with an opportunity to watch the seven short videos in: VideoZoom. L'entre images - with works by a rising generation of Québec artists.

The July 25 talk is devoted entirely to discussion of Hilda Woolnough. This will comprise a short film screening and a panel discussion moderated by Wendt, the curator of the large exhibition. Panelists will reflect on Woolnough's career and contributions to the Island arts community.

The Art Gallery is now on summer hours, and is open Monday-Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, please visit:

Photo Cutline: Leslie Poole, Las Meninas 3, 2005, mixed media on canvas and cedar, 68 x 114.5 cm, courtesy of the artist. Las Meninas 3 is featured the current gallery exhibit, Quotation.