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Leah Garnett’s ‘When One Space Meets Another’ Playfully Transforms CCAG

February 28, 2017

(Charlottetown, P.E.I.) - Leah Garnett is an artist based in Sackville, New Brunswick who teaches Fine Arts at Mount Allison University. Her installations explore the shaping of space, how we construct, mold, and contain it. Drawing on her experience growing up on construction sites, her recent work, in which she creates installations that combine mark-making and building, has been described as "drawing in space."

For the Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Garnett is creating an installation this week titled When One Space Meets Another, in which she transposes various sites - woods in Maine, an exhibition space in Sackville, a construction site - into the space of the gallery. "Leah Garnett's installations are enigmatic, playful blends of optical effects, mapping, drawing, and sculpture," says gallery curator Pan Wendt. "We are excited about how she will transform the space of the gallery,"

For the artist, the work provides her with an opportunity to range over questions about construction sites such as "what is the relationship between landscape and architecture where the temporary and transitional construction site becomes a hybrid of the two," as well as "how does a construction site compare to a studio, especially the temporary studio occupations of artist residencies," and finally, "what are the results and implications of transposing multiple landscapes into a single location?"

Leah Garnett: When One Space Meets Another opens this Saturday, March 4 and will be on exhibition until June 4.


Photo cutline: Leah Garnett's new exhibition When One Space Meets Another is an installation exploring different ways of shaping space through creating intersections between sites of nature, construction, and exhibition. (We walked through windows and basements into the trees, 2014, mixed media, approx. 518.2 x 518.2 cm, 365.8 cm ceiling; Photo: Roger Smith).

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