Songwriter Series: Old Man Luedecke March 3, 2018 7:30 pmSongwriter Series: $66Old Man Luedecke is the real thing, a modern-day people's poet and travelling bard and balladeer. He's played around the world to a loving and increasing fan base, and won two JUNO Awards in the process.

Luedecke channels a refreshing energy from folk giants like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, but it's his contemporary lyrics coupled with the irresistible rhythm of the old time banjo that make him so loved with his audiences. Anchored in his music's melodic confidence is a raw honesty, an ability to tap into a common search for meaning in life. This keeps people singing his songs and praises after he's travelled on.

"A hell of a good time" - National Post

"Luedecke's not to be missed if he visits your neck of the woods. It's hard to imagine having more fun with a night out. " - No Depression

One of the country’s most engaging young performers” - The National Post

- —The National Post