The Jerry Cans November 24, 2017 7:30pmTickets starting at $22Nunavut's the Jerry Cans fuse Inuk throat singing with the fire and energy of a rock band in a packed bar. This world-travelling five-piece adds a hint of reggae, country noir, powerful fiddle parts, and vocals in Inuktitut and English to create a sound both political and irresistibly danceable.

The Jerry Cans self-released their latest album, Inuusiq/Life, on the Aakuluk Music label, which they founded on a mission to bring Arctic music to the world.

" The Jerry Cans play a barnstorming combination of country, Celtic and Inuit music that ignites crowds." -Montreal Gazette

"[This is a] boisterous brand of pan-cultural folk-rock." -Toronto Star