Ivan Coyote April 10, 2018 7:30pmTickets starting at 20Described as "part anthem, part campfire story, and part instructions for the dismantling of the gender stories we tell", Tomboy Survival Guide is a show for misfits and boy-girls and butches and lady mechanics.

Writer Ivan Coyote has been creating literature for two decades and 11 books now. Joined by bassist Pebbles Willekes, drummer Sally Zori, and trumpeter Alison Gorman, these are four artists are not seeking storytelling in spite of music. Part hymn, part howl and part homage to the bent but the beautiful, the scarred but still sacred. Blending story, stomp, swagger and song to call all the tomboys to the round table to plot the downfall of the gender binary.

"[Tomboy Survival Guide is]...about family. An emotionally powerful memoir by a great storyteller about normal life." - The Globe and Mail